How it works...

It really is very easy to make your own fudge box:

  1. Pick your box size.Small and Large Boxes available
    Small boxes contain 9 pieces weigh 450 grams and larger boxes contain 15 pieces weigh 750 grams. Each piece of fudge weighs approximately 50g.
  2. Place each piece of fudge into the spaces on the box.
    You can drag the fudge on using your mouse or you can click on the 'plus' sign beside the fudge.
  3. When the box is full click 'Checkout Now'
    You can make up more than one box at a time before checking out
  4. Choose your sleeve design (which wraps around the box)
    Once you have reached the checkout you can choose which type of sleeve you would like (we wrap every box in a special sleeve - by default this will be Cornish Tartan)
  5. Add a personalised message
    Also you can type a special message which will appear on a card inside the box. You can leave the message blank and we'll know you don't want a message card
  6. Pay
    Once you have picked your sleeve design and added a message you can proceed to pay for the boxes. We can take most types of payment methods (through PayPal)
  7. Please note On the very rare occasion the flavour you have choosen is not available we will substitute it with another flavour.