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Yes, we are also a 'real' fudge shop!

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About Us

Rebecca’s  is a family run traditional Cornish fudge shop, situated right next to the Atlantic Ocean in Perranporth, Cornwall and we have been selling handmade Cornish fudge to satisfied customers for over 30 years who return time and time again.  

About Perranporth

Perranporth is a popular seaside village famous for its three miles of golden sand beach. The dramatic Atlantic coastline attracts thousands of visitors every year.

How is our fudge made?

Our award winning fudges are hand-crafted the old fashioned way here in the heart of Cornwall using only the finest ingredients to traditional recipes and cooked in old fashioned copper pans. Once all the ingredients have been mixed / stirred together and have been heated to the correct temperature we when pour it out into trays to slowly cool. All this work allows us to ensure that the fudge reaches you fresh, creamy, and delicious!

Why is our fudge so good?

One of the most important attributes of Rebeccas Cornish fudge is its texture, which is usually soft, creamy, sweet, and rich. Why? We think it is down to the lovely care we take in the making of every batch and the climate in Cornwall, which is ideal for growing rich grass required for producing excellent dairy products which we source locally to use in the manufacturing of our fudge.

A bit of history

Here at Rebeccas-The Cornish Fudge Shop we like to think that fudge was first invented here in Cornwall, but although the exact facts are sketchy it is believed that it is in fact an American born treat. The one thing that we know for certain is that most people who buy our fudge do not care where or when it was created, they are just glad it was and is now made in Cornwall.

Build a Box

Picking one of our 9 or 15 piece luxury platters is a great present to give to someone at any time of the year, whether it’s a birthday, Christmas or you just want to say thanks. Pick which size box you require, agonise over which artisan flavours to fill it with, personalise the box with one of our sleeves and you can even place a message in the box or you could just spoil yourself.

Our Website

We normally have between 40 and 60 different flavours of fudge at any one time to choose from, ranging from our best selling Clotted Cream fudge made with real Cornish Clotted Cream and crumbly Cornish butter tablet to our Death by Chocolate for you real chocoholics.

We hope you enjoy browsing and using our user friendly on-line shop. We're sure there is a flavour for everyone and if you ever decide to visit our village, please feel free to pop in and say hello.

Where are we?

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